Christmas Countdown

December 4th, 2012

Whew….can you believe it’s already December?  Although it does not feel like it here in WI.  Very uncharacteristic we have had warm weather and NO snow!  It feels odd walking around xmas shopping in 50 degrees.  I’m sure that will all change very soon.  The family purchased a new Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving.  It took a few hours to find the right one.  It’s artificial but it looks quite real and my hubby is happy that it is pre lit!  :)  This weekend I may try and tackle some baking we will see…oh and then their are the stack of cards that have to be addressed.  Do you see where I am going?  :)  So to help me out with this I created a Christmas Countdown.  My son loves changing the dates, in fact to trick me he moved it to 1 more day till Christmas…I said “Don’t give mommy a heart attack!”  This was super easy to make, I used a $1 frame from Michaels, painted the sides red, adhered my pattern paper to the base and the photo area.  Embellished and created the date cards with the Cricut!  TaDAH!  Here it is:

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